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Why buy a TruckProtect Product?
Fuel theft or contamination makes a large hole in your profits. Just 25 litres of diesel taken from a vehicle per week is £1,000 pounds of lost profit over the course of a year. If you lose tankfull, that is £500 or more in one go... and add to that downtime, penalties and the hassle factor.

Fuel costs are unlikely to go down and this problem is increasing. TruckProtect products are designed as a cost effective deterrent.
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How do the TruckProtect products help my drivers?
They give peace of mind to drivers – that they have a deterrent which will encourage thieves to go elsewhere and that they will never be falsely accused of skimming their own tank. And for you this means no tedious disciplinary procedures or Union concerns.
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Which is the right Truck Protect product for me?

InstantFit NECK-IT!®
has been designed to stop all fuel theft by stopping access to the fuel tank through the filler neck for any other purpose than filling the tank. Once fitted it has no adverse impact on the operational use of the vehicle. It’s features mean that tanks can be filled in normal time without unpleasant splash back or foaming.

CAP-IT!™ has been designed as a very robust, chrome-finished, highly visible device best suited to the owner-drivers. And for fleets, if you have problems with contamination then a combination of CAP-IT!™ and InstantFit NECK-IT!® offers the total solution

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How can I buy a TruckProtect product?
Please contact our Sales Department on +44 (0)1633 252093 or order by post to our Head Office : 28 Cardiff Road, Newport, South Wales, NP20 2ED together with your official order and accompanying cheque. Emails to .
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What are TruckProtects Terms & Conditions
A copy of our standard terms and conditions can be seen by either going to http://truckprotect.com/Terms.html or
>>click here for terms
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Will InstantFit NECK-IT!® fit my truck?
InstantFit NECK-IT!® will fit virtually all modern makes of trucks and is available in a range of sizes and models.

InstantFit NECK-IT! ® fits DAF, Mercedes, Scania, MAN, Volvo, Renault, Iveco, Isuzu - >>Contact us to discuss

InstantFit NECK-IT! ® is approximately 100mm in height and adds an extra 25mm to the filler neck height.
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Will InstantFit NECK-IT! ® require me to get a new fuel cap?
you should be able to use your current cap. And if you lose that cap, you should replace it with a cheap non-locking cap - InstantFit NECK-IT!® offers you the protection you need.

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What is InstantFit NECK-IT! ® made from?
InstantFit NECK-IT! ® is manufactured in the UK from one piece of aluminium. It is approximately 100mm in height and adds only an extra 25mm to the fuel tank’s filler neck height. It will not obstruct rigid vehicles from the continent.
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How do you fit NECK-IT?
The InstantFit NECK-IT!® devices’ universal fitting goes over and into the existing fuel neck tank. Fits in 5 minutes with no piercing, no drilling, no glueing. InstantFit NECK-IT!® is fitted by a simple quarter turn and held secure by internal tamper proof grubs screws. These screws are blnked off by the unique SecureRing® Your tank neck will not be pierced and no fuel leakage can occur.
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How quickly does InstantFit NECK-IT! ® payback?
If you save just 5 litres per day – 25 litres per week – InstantFit NECK-IT! ® pays for itself in just 8 weeks.
Depreciate the cost of InstantFit NECK-IT! ® over 4 years, which means the cost is just 40p per week. Against the cost of a new truck at £50-£60k, the cost of InstantFit NECK-IT! ® is negligible.

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Will CAP-IT!™ fit my truck?
CAP-IT!™ fits virtually all modern makes of truck. Most trucks have a diameter of between 104-107mm but Scanias have a smaller neck size of approximately 84 mm and we only currently stock the standard size. We are sorry but if your tanks have the smaller neck size our CAP-IT!™ will not fit
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What about the space between the fuel tank and the body of the truck?
The CAP-IT! is just under 75mm in height. We recommend a gap of not less than 175mm from the fuel tank to the body of the truck or trailer. This will allow you plenty of space to take the top cover off when you are filling your tank. If the available space is less then contact should be made to our Design and Manufacturing Director, Richard Fowler, to discuss alternative versions.
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What is the CAP-IT!™ made from?
CAP-IT!™ is manufactured from mild steel in the UK. It features an internally placed ABUS lock.
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What Locking System does CAP-IT! use?
The Cap-IT! has a discus 20/70 lock from ABUS of Germany, one of the world’s leading high quality lock makers. TruckProtect has avoided using cheap copies which may look similar but do not have the features of ABUS. The locks are tested to -40 degrees C and can withstand temperatures of 250 degrees C. Abus locks have over 30,000 keying options to provide you the reassurance that only you will be able to access your CAP-IT!. Each lock has a code number and replacement keys can be supplied by TruckProtect within 48 hours.
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How do you fit CAP-IT!™?
CAP-IT!™ is supplied with all the nuts, bolts, spacers and instructions required to ensure a secure fitting to the fuel tank. You require a drill bit, spanner and hexagon key. Fitting should take between 10-15 minutes.

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What about the sender unit?
most sender units are inaccessible for the purpose if siphoning. However, if yours is a problem, then TruckProtect's device TOP-IT" is a simple fuel theft prevention and tamper indicatorto cover the sender unit, putting a stop to the regular use of the sender unit for siphoning.
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What if the Customs & Excise want to test your fuel?

Customs and Excise may want to test your fuel to see whether you are using illegal diesel and they have a legal right to do so. Firstly, the likelihood of a truck being stopped and suspected of illegal fuel use is uncommon. If you consider trucks greater than 3.5t in the UK being about 500,000, buses and coaches about 200,000 and a further several million lighter vehicles, approximately 750 million “commercial vehicles days” occurred. The likelihood of being stopped is less than 0.01% on any day and then only fuel sampled if some degree of suspicion by the Customs Officer.

If fuel is initially unobtainable through an anti-siphon unit then under the supervision of the customs officer, a sample could be provided from near the fuel filter close to the engine (not a major effort to jack up the cab and requiring little skill to start the truck again as most systems are self-bleeding) or from the sender unit on particular trucks (the officer would be able to verify to the employer if a tamper unit has to be broken to allow access). Additionally, a sample could be offered by the driver using a thin pipe through the anti-siphon unit, however, the customs officer might still require an additional sample. In extremis, the customs officer could ask for the anti-siphon device to be removed – in the case of TruckProtect’s InstantFit NECK-IT!®, the inner security ring (SecureRing) will be removed and the customs officer will again be able to verify this to the employer to avoid the driver being suspected of fuel theft. No damage would occur to the InstantFit NECK-IT!® and the employing company are then able to re-order SecureRing to replace the broken one.
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Can I be a re-seller of TruckProtect products?

Sales Agents: We are interested in talking to experienced industry professionals who have a strong network of contacts in the haulage industry . For more details please write to Vic Smith at our Head Office address or send an email to vic.smith@truckprotect.com

International Distributors outside of the UK: We are interested in hearing from individuals and companies who have strong and established distribution channels in international market places, countries or regions. Please write to Russell Fowler at russell.fowler@truckprotect.com
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Are TruckProtect Products available globally?

Yes, we are able to supply anywhere in the world please email to vic.smith@truckprotect.com
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Are the products patent protected?

Patent are pending on both products and a number of variations of the products. The products are also covered by trademark applications.

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